Grounds for Deactivation

Revised July 26, 2021

As a Carriage house Courier you are held to a level of professionalism as you represent the brand. With that the following are to be met or could result in but NOT limit to Deactivation.

  1. Theft of food, funds or other items that are the property of Carriage House Food Deliveries' or its affiliates, partners, employee's or representations.
  2. Causing harm, or verbal assault to a customer, Merchant employee, or fellow courier.
  3. Misuse of customer or shopper data. i.e (Phone number, address, personal dietary information. Using information for NON-Carriage House Food Delivery Purposes)
  4. Riding with pets that are not certified pets. All certified pets must have a record submitted to us with the subject: Pet submission for “Your name”
  5. Tampering with customers' items or food. If the customer has valid proof.
  6. We here at Carriage House Food Delivery try our best to make sure our Courier's are paid to the best of their performance. We support that by our customer service, professional software, and our price point formula. So asking or promoting additional funds or tips are prohibited.
  7. As a Courier we ask that you leave a review for the customer that you provided your service to, as they receive discounts for being a customer. So, leaving a false review is prohibited.
  8. Uncleanliness of a vehicle
  9. Suspended or forfeited of license
  10. Reported of reckless driving
  11. Not Properly scanning ID app for, License, or passport for delivery of Alcohol or any other items needing ID or age verification
  12. Delivering Alcohol of any kind to
    • Public or private school (K-12) (e.g. an elementary school);
    • College campus (e.g. a frat house);
    • Prison, reformatory, veterans' home, or state capitol grounds;
    • Locker or similar package storage service (e.g. a storage facility); or
    • Business that sells alcohol (e.g. liquor store).

Dear Shopper as we value you, and your business we ask that the following to be handled to the best of your ability, as a result of deactivation

  1. False review of Courier, company, partners or our affiliates
  2. Misuse of customer policy and theft of food or item on the Carriage House Food delivery platform
  3. Causing harm, or verbal assault to a Courier, Merchant employee, or Carriage House Food Delivery customer service employee
  4. Illegally purchasing and using Carriage House Food Delivery Services for use of Alcohol
  5. Purchasing Alcohol for a minor. As well as the local PD will be notified

If you have any questions about your account please feel free to appeal your case or situation via email only at the response is usually within 24 hours of receiving the email.